KO WA Resort Farms

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KO WA Stands for Kenneth Otim and Welo Acita. A LLC. We are a Global company soon to open our eCommerce Store.  We also have Brick & Motar stores in the following cities in Uganda-East Africa: Kampala, Lira, Gulu.
We have also started Piggery, Goats, veggie and Chicken Farms to supply pork and pork products, Layers and Eggs, Goats and various meats to Hotels and Restaurants and to Local Businesses and people.
Project #1: Kamdini Piggeries
Farm House #1of5

Te Naam Farm House – Kamdini: An Environmentally friendly means of renewable resources near the Nile River. Renewable Energy Sources Powered by Solar Panels and Batteries. Organically grown vegetables such as Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cabbages, Soya + Beans. Come and enjoy.

Project #2: The Goat Project

We also rear Species of Goats whose products also are Supplied to Lira City and Gulu City. We deliver.

Our customers love our attention to details. All our projects that we showcase tells them something different about us and our innovative work.

Project #3: Organic Veggie Gardens:

Organically and Sustainably grown vegetables such as Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Lettuce, Cabbages, potatoes, Sukuma Weeki even Malakwang and Boo and more. We deliver.

Project #4: Cafe de Soup Amukugunggu

We also run a delicious Soup & BBQ Kitchen Amukugunggo.

Enjoy food from our local gardens.

We also serve delicious meals and Roasted Meats, Veggies and Roasts

Project #5: 20 Affordable Village Guest Huts & Camping Grounds:
Cool Village Resorts Te Naomi Kamdini

We have 20 cool grass-thatched huts for single or Multi Person rentals for a day or even for Monthly stays. Feel at home by the Nile. Solar Power available. Enjoy your stay.

Single, Double and Multi person Accommodations in our nice Grass thatcher huts.

Free Wi-Fi.